PROSPER, TX – May 11, 2023 – The Prosper Varsity eSports team has shown their undeniable skill in Rocket League this season, winning multiple titles and making history. The Prosper Post is excited to announce their recent achievements, as the team has claimed both the Texas State Title and secured 2nd place in the National Championship.

The team’s success began at the GCISD Rocket League Invitational on November 12, 2022, where they emerged victorious. They continued to display their prowess at the TexSef1 Undisputed Championships in Arlington, TX, held at the Esports Stadium on April 28-29, 2023. Among the 36 competing high school teams, Prosper Varsity RL claimed the Championship title. However, they narrowly missed the National Title, coming in 2nd place after facing off against Divine Child from Michigan.

In addition to these achievements, the team has also participated in weekly matches throughout the year against other Texas High School Esports teams. Ultimately, they clinched the Texas State Title against Martin High School a few months ago.

The Prosper Varsity eSports team members are proud of their accomplishments and value their camaraderie as much as their victories. Here’s what they had to say:

Cayden: “Winning a Championship is great and all, but having a team that feels like family is priceless. We’ve weathered every season together, through the highs and lows, excited for the future.”

Aidan: “I wanted to leave a legacy at Prosper and for the future teams to strive for, our worst result being 3rd place and a record of 25-5 on LAN with 3 wins and 2 2nd place finishes. Two State Titles and being second in the nation is something I’d never thought possible. Throughout the past two years, the team went from three guys playing a game to a brotherhood wanting to win it all. I’m so proud of my teammates and how we improved, and being the only senior, I’m sad to have to leave them.”

Isaiah: “All three of us since last year have put in the time and hours, and it paid off in a big way being 2x state champions and second in the nation. Couldn’t have asked for 2 better teammates and friends to travel this journey with, I am extremely proud of this team and what we have accomplished.”

The Prosper Post congratulates the Prosper Varsity eSports team on their remarkable achievements and wishes them continued success in future competitions.

The Prosper Post and the local Prosper community take immense pride in the team’s accomplishments and recognize their dedication to excellence. We are confident that their success will continue to inspire future generations of Prosper eSports athletes to achieve great things, both on and off the field.