Moving to Texas with your family and want to learn everything about your move to the Lone Star State? As a native Texan who has lived here for more than 30 years I put together a list of my top 30 things to know and important tips and tricks to make your move as easy as possible – especially if you have children.

Hiring An Experienced Local Realtor Will Help Find The Perfect Home

A local real estate agent will be able to find the perfect home, in the perfect price range for your family. DFW, Houston and other large cities like Austin and El Paso are huge. A real estate agent will be able to show you the best part of town for your family and help you close on the property.

Master Planned Communities Are A Popular Choice in DFW and South Texas

Master planned communities are growing in popularity. These ‘community in a box’ neighborhoods feature everything you need for day to day life within a short walk or drive. They are a perfect choice for young families and the 55+ crowd looking for retirement communities.

Cowboy Hats Are Not Required – But A Good Choice

Cowboy Hat

A cowboy hat is not required if you live in Texas, but they do make a nice accessory to that will keep the sun off the top of your head. We recommend one like the Stetson Bozeman, it is a good choice for working around the house, hiking on the trails or riding on a horse!

Numerous Companies Like Toyota, Tesla and Oracle have Relocated to Texas

Texas is a popular place for enterprise companies looking for a new corporate HQ. In the past few years large companies like Toyota, Tesla, Oracle and HPE have all picked up roots and found new offices in the Lone Star State.

Celebrities like Joe Rogan and Elon Musk have Moved from California to Texas

Texas is a popular place for California based celebs like Joe Rogan and Elon Musk to relocate to thanks to lower income taxes!

High School Football Is Super Important

High school football is just as important as the pros! You can expect to find you local stadium packed every Friday night cheering on the local high school.

Make Sure To Get A TollTag to Save Money On Toll Roads

Texas is home to countless toll roads and without a Tolltag from the NTTA you will be stuck paying a larger bill. All toll roads in Texas use an automated billing system that sends a bill to the address listed on your license plate. Using a Tolltag means a considerable amount of saving on each toll, plus an easy way to automatically pay each month using a credit card.

You Will Need To Update Your Drivers License in 90 Days And Have Car Insurance

Texas will honor your out of state (or Canadian) drivers license for a 90 day grace period – but after that you will need to have a valid drivers license and insurance on each vehicle on the road.

Houston Is The Biggest City

Houston is the largest city in Texas and the 4th most populated city in the county with a population of 2,325,502.

People Like Their Pick Up Trucks

People like to drive pick up trucks! They are more popular in rural areas but don’t be surprised to find yourself behind a lifted F-350 in Downtown Dallas, Houston or Austin.

The State Flower Is The Blue Bonnet

The state flower is the Blue Bonnet. You will often find it growing naturally, along with other wild flowers. These are great spots to take family pictures in the Spring – just find a quiet patch away from the highway.

The Dallas Cowboys Are Americas Team – But The Houston Texans Are A Popular Second Choice

The Dallas Cowboys hold the title has ‘Americas Team’ and have won 5 NFL championships. The Houston Texas on the other hand were founded in 1999 and are still growing in popularity in the Southern part of the state.

The State Capital Is Located In Austin

Austin was chosen as the State Capital in 1839, be sure to stop by the Capital Building for a Tour! The building a made of white granite and makes for a good selfie spot.

Texas Is The 2nd Biggest State

Texas is huge! It covers more than 268,597 mi² square miles which makes it the 2nd biggest state in the USA, second only to Alaska!

Low Cost Of Living

Texas has one of the lowest cost of living in the USA. It adds up to 8% lower across the board thanks to no state income taxes, low housing prices and low monthly bills on utilities!

Electricity Is Deregulated In Texas

Electricity is deregulated in Texas which means you can shop around to get the best rates from many different providers that all use the same power lines. This means lower monthly power bills and more reliable service.

Housing Is Very Affordable

Home prices average $36,000 less than the national average which means homes are affordable for young families on a tight budget or growing families looking for a larger home.

Don’t Mess With Texas

What started off as a anti-litter slogan in 1987 has turned into a way of life! Don’t mess with a Texan – or leave litter on the roads!

There is NO State Income Taxes

The Lone Star State has no State Income Taxes! During tax season all you will have to worry about filing it your normal income taxes and local property taxes.

But There Are Local Property Taxes

There might be no state income taxes, but there are yearly property taxes that are based on the value of your property.

Be Sure To Check Out The Alamo

The Alamo is one of the most famous landmarks in Texas. It is home to a historic battle during the Texas Revolution and today has been converted into a museum.

Texas Was The X State In The Union

Texas was admitted to the Union in 1845 as the 28th state during the presidency of James K. Polk.

It Gets Hot During The Summer

Texas gets hot – real hot! If you are moving into your new home during the Summer be ready for a hot day with plenty of water and frequent breaks in the AC.

It Takes More Than 8 Hours To Drive From Galveston to Lubbock

Everything is biggest in Texas. If you are moving from a smaller state like New York or New Jersey you might be used to driving across the state in a few hours. It will take about 8 hours to drive from Galveston on the coast to Lubbock in the Panhandle.

Find Doctors and Specialists Before Your Move

Start looking for a family dentist and eye doctor before you move and find a provider you like that is in network – then schedule an appointment to meet the doctor!

The Hill County Is Home To Many Vineyards

Most people don’t think Wine when they think about Texas, but the Hill Country around Austin is home to some world class vineyards. Stop by for a tour and tasting!

BBQ Rules in Texas

BBQ is the official and unofficial food of Texas. Locals take it seriously and everyone has their local favorite restaurant and brisket recipe.

The Stars At Night Are Big And Bright

One of the most popular songs about Texas is ‘The Stars At Night Are Big And Bright’, don’t be surprised to hear it at every major sporting event!

Texas Is Home To Some Of The Top Schools In The County

Texas is home to some of the top rated colleges and school districts in the country. If you are looking for a top tier college check out UT Austin or Rice. If you are a family with children you should consider Prosper ISD, Plano ISD or Southlake ISD.

TexMex Is One Of The Best Combo Foods

Texans take their food seriously and the blend of Texas style with more traditional food from South of the border has created a delicious fusion food style called Tex Mex – it is hot and spicy and full of flavor.

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