The twice-yearly Drug Take Back events, jointly sponsored by the Prosper Fire and Police Departments, have proven to be increasingly popular with residents, each year increasing their accumulation of unwanted drugs and medications for safe and secure disposal.

The complicating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, may make it difficult for some residents to personally participate in the drug surrendering program. Plus, the fact that expired or unneeded drugs and medications continue to collect in medicine cabinets throughout the year have prompted the Prosper Fire Department to offer the SUDS (single use disposal system) pouches to supplement the Drug Take Back events.

SUDS are self-addressed, postage-paid large envelopes that can be obtained inside the entry foyer of the Central Fire Station, 1500 W. First St. Drugs and medications, whether prescribed by a medical professional or purchased over the counter, can be deposited in the envelopes, and dropped in any USPS mailbox. The foyer is accessible 24 hours a day.

Once filled, the contents will be delivered by the USPS to an approved location for proper disposal. There is no charge for the service, and user are not required to identify a return address on the envelope. Residents may take as many envelopes as necessary but are requested to anonymously fill out an accompanying postcard that provides program officials general information on its effectiveness.

Prosper Fire Rescue is cooperating with the University of Houston College of Pharmacy in the program, and strongly encourages residents to make use of the envelopes as an alternative to simply throwing the drugs and medications in the trash, or worse, flushing them down home drains. The project is funded by Texas Health and Human Services Texas Targeted Opioid Response.

“Homebound individuals may find the SUDS program especially important,” says Assistant Fire Chief Shaw Eft. “A neighbor, friend or family member can pick up one or two SUDS envelopes, deliver them to the homebound individual, and then retrieve them for depositing in the mail. It’s a service that helps all of us.”

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